The Hypocrisy of the Death Penalty

Whether we have the will to resist becoming ever more splintered into opposing and factionalized groups may well determine the future of our republic. Continue reading

Dr. King's Struggle For Justice Continues Today

"The arc of the universe is long but bends towards justice.” I have always found this line from Dr. King comforting, particularly in uncertain times such as these. Continue reading

Failed policy has continued a decline in life expectancy

Life expectancy in the United States has dropped again for the second year in a row. We cannot deny that these grim statistics in the U.S. reflect not failures of the medical community, but of public policy. Continue reading

The GOP Tax Scam is the Latest in a Long History of Failed Promises

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, now signed into law by President Trump, follows a history of failed promises from our Congressional representatives. Looking back at our history shows these promises come at a dangerously high cost. Continue reading

Defending Net Neutrality and a Free and Open Internet

You are likely reading this over a high-speed internet connection that allowed you to easily find your way to this site. But very soon, your ability to read this -- or anything online -- could be disrupted by the government, the corporate donors, and the special interests. Continue reading

Discussing the Unjust and Unfair GOP Tax Plan

With their "Tax Plan," the Republican-controlled Senate are about to show the American people just how far they are willing to go to obey their wealthy donors. Continue reading

Announcing Our Campaign For Congress

  I chose to have our Kickoff Rally here in MacArthur Park, in view of the Korean War Memorial, for a very personal reason. Continue reading