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Paul Spencer for Congress





I became involved in political activism in Arkansas years ago after it became clear that the influence of money in our political system was producing laws that make it difficult for hardworking people to get ahead and that were undermining our very ability to direct our political destiny.

The current system crafts short-sighted "band-aid" legislation because of its unwillingness to address serious underlying causes that would require bucking the interests of the moneyed elite. I want to break the cycle of the political patronage system, where policy is directed to repay favors instead of enacted in the interest of the people. 

In my run for Congress in Arkansas's Second District, I will only accept contributions from individual people, not from special interests, their PACs, or Super PACs. As a result, my allegiance will be solely to the people of the Second District. 

I want all Arkansans to be given the tools to direct their destiny and live up to the aspirations that are displayed on the Great Seal of Arkansas: "The People Rule."

Will you join me? 





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    Massive March Voter Outreach Weekend

    On Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18, our campaign will do what many pundits doubt possible: call and knock on the doors of over 5,000 Second District voters! This effort will be across all seven counties, not just in Little Rock, so everyone can be involved in organizing their neighborhoods!

    Please join us in the effort! Our campaign is people-driven, and together we can bring real representation back to the Second District. 

  • Featured event

    Rock Out with Paul Spencer: A People's Fundraiser

    Paul Spencer, democratic candidate for Arkansas's Second Congressional District, is hosting a jam session at Vino's Brewpub in Little Rock.
    Paul's first love was music! So come out to Vino's, drink a beer, and listen to Paul join some local musicians and former students on the drums for a session or two, all while supporting bold, progressive politics!
    March 19, 2018 at 6:30pm
    Vino's Brewpub
    923 W 7th St
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    United States
    Google map and directions
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    Medicare For All vs. Medicare Extra

    The Center for American Progress recently released a plan for a path to universal healthcare coverage, loosely known as “Medicare Extra.” While this plan would address some shortcomings of our current healthcare system, it would continue to burden Arkansans with unnecessary costs that they cannot afford. 
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    Get Your Paul Spencer for Congress Yard Sign

    Tired of establishment politics? So are we. Our campaign is people-powered and committed to listening to every person in the Second District. 

    Help us spread the message by getting your own USA-made, union-printed Paul Spencer for Congress yard sign! Sign up below!

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    Fighting Citizens United - Paul Spencer 2018

    8 signatures

    When we look at the policies promoted by the political establishment in Washington today, it is clear that the needs and wants of everyday Americans have almost no effect on the decision-making of our representatives. Rather than listen to their constituents, they take their orders solely from the donors and special interests who fuel their campaigns. Their ambition is not to serve the people, but merely to win re-election and earn more money for the billionaire donor class.

    That's why this campaign, and its over 2,000 individual donors, refuses all PAC and SuperPAC money.

    Since the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC, an almost limitless flood of special interest money has swamped our elections. And as the influence of these wealthy donors has increased, the voice of everyday Americans has been almost completely drowned out. 

    As we have seen with the GOP’s disastrous tax cuts for the rich and corporations and their repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, as long as we allow big money to run our politics, our system will continue to reward the privileged while punishing the most vulnerable.

    So will you join me in calling to overturn Citizens United and return our democracy to the hands of the American people? Together, we can fight for an America where everyone’s voice is heard, and where everyone’s vote, whether they are billionaires or school teachers, has equal power at the polls.

    So let’s commit to building this world, and say as loudly as possible that our democracy is not for sale.

    Will you sign?

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    Paul Spencer Raises $50,000 More From Actual People Than Rep. French Hill

    Paul Spencer, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement after the Federal Election Commission reports for the fourth quarter of 2017 were made public.
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