Paul Spencer Raises $50,000 More From Actual People Than Rep. French Hill

Paul Spencer, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement after the Federal Election Commission reports for the fourth quarter of 2017 were made public.

Candidate Spencer provided the following statement:

"The FEC reports from the Fourth Quarter of 2017 demonstrate that the momentum in Arkansas’s Second District race is with our campaign.

Not only did we out-raise our primary challenger by over $125,000, but we raised $50,000 more from actual people than the Republican incumbent, Representative French Hill, whose fundraising relies primarily on PAC money from corporate giants like Comcast, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan. Perhaps most disappointingly, Rep. Hill even accepted money from ExxonMobil’s PAC, the oil company responsible for one of his own district’s greatest environmental disasters: the 2013 oil spill in Mayflower. Rather than turning to the special interests, our people-driven campaign drew from over 2,000 working-people in the Second District and across the country who are demanding a better future.

This race will not be a predictable contest between an established politician and ‘an earnest do-gooder,’ but rather a race between a banker committed to furthering inequality and a teacher who will fight for the advancement of all Arkansans that justice demands."