Paul Spencer Announces Rural Broad Expansion Primary Ad

Paul Spencer, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement regarding his campaign’s new ad on rural broadband expansion for the Democratic Primary.

Candidate Spencer provided the following statement:

“Throughout the Second District, I’ve talked to hundred of voters in rural communities who have seen their local economies wither away because they lack the ability to compete with the economies of bigger cities. When we ask people why these rural areas lag behind, almost every person gives us the same answer: lack of access to true high-speed broadband. Our campaign is committed to expanding broadband to every home in the state by empowering local communities to create their own local internet service providers instead of simply handing money over to telecom giants like AT&T and Comcast. Take a look at our plan in our new video, Amplifying Rural Connectivity: Bringing Broadband to Every Home, below.”