Crossing the Line

I first met Mattie and Mohamed at our campaign Kick Off Rally last July. I was struck by the fact they did not even live in the Second District, but still drove over an hour to hear my speech. They told me that when they were unable to get a response to ensure their freedom to travel for work from their own Congressman, they began looking elsewhere.  


Mohamed immigrated to America nearly 35 years ago, yet our country often fails him. Rather than championing his heritage, our country and some of its misguided laws subject him to unfair treatment. Despite this injustice, he and Mattie know that our Constitutional rights cannot be taken for granted and that active engagement in the political process is the only way to ensure that these rights are upheld generation after generation.

Our constitutional rights cannot be taken away; they can only be violated. And when the President violates these rights as with the Muslim Ban, it is the duty of Congress to fight for them.

It is my deepest honor that Mattie and Mohamed, and many in their community, have put their trust in me, and that they want to work to ensure that our common American promise is protected for all generations. I am proud to stand with my Muslim sisters and brothers in this fight.      

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves...are its only safe depositories.” -- Thomas Jefferson