Fighting Citizens United - Paul Spencer 2018

When we look at the policies promoted by the political establishment in Washington today, it is clear that the needs and wants of everyday Americans have almost no effect on the decision-making of our representatives. Rather than listen to their constituents, they take their orders solely from the donors and special interests who fuel their campaigns. Their ambition is not to serve the people, but merely to win re-election and earn more money for the billionaire donor class.

That's why this campaign, and its over 2,000 individual donors, refuses all PAC and SuperPAC money.

Since the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC, an almost limitless flood of special interest money has swamped our elections. And as the influence of these wealthy donors has increased, the voice of everyday Americans has been almost completely drowned out. 

As we have seen with the GOP’s disastrous tax cuts for the rich and corporations and their repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, as long as we allow big money to run our politics, our system will continue to reward the privileged while punishing the most vulnerable.

So will you join me in calling to overturn Citizens United and return our democracy to the hands of the American people? Together, we can fight for an America where everyone’s voice is heard, and where everyone’s vote, whether they are billionaires or school teachers, has equal power at the polls.

So let’s commit to building this world, and say as loudly as possible that our democracy is not for sale.

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