Paul Spencer Reacts to House Vote on GOP Tax Plan

Paul Spencer, Democratic candidate for Arkansas' Second Congressional District, released the following statement today following the vote in the House on the GOP tax plan.

Candidate Spencer provided the following statement:


At a time when Arkansans are demanding a more fair and equitable tax structure, Representative French Hill and other House Republicans have affirmed their commitment to the status quo of corporate cronyism.

If Arkansans wondered who is actually represented in Congress, they can simply look at who will benefit from this effort passed today. By raising the lowest tax bracket from ten to twelve percent, many Arkansans will actually pay more in taxes.Tax deductions that helped teachers, college students, and individuals with burdensome medical expenses will be cut to pay for tax breaks for billionaires and multinational corporations. It is no coincidence that the same entities that fund these representatives are the same entities that will benefit the most from this tax plan.

As if we needed any more evidence, this shows that Representative Hill and the Republican Congress not only believe that  corporations are people, but they are the only people that truly matter.