Kickoff Rally at MacArthur Park

Sign up for our first gathering as a campaign and as a movement. Let's make it memorable and effective, so that Arkansans know that we are fighting to put the people, not special interests, in charge of the Second District.

Bring anyone you can and enlist them in the fight to reclaim our representation.

Consider volunteering for the event, and let us know below. 

Bobby Simpson Michael Pollock Kay Barre Barbara Scott Gretchen Gowen Clifton Egle Brooks Toney Laura Toney Hinze Becks Mccarty Jeff Ruthven Kevin Lee Bell Jackson Bittner Soneal Oneal Michael Brown Aaron Woodall Jackson Cole Alexander Mohanedandmatti Ibrahim Hannah LeMay Jon LeMay Michelle DeMarco Lisa Hassell Dawn Newsam David Stefan Bern Bradley Josh Wooding Larry Taylor Faye Hanson Hall Aaron Sarlo Cindy Rowland Bowden Meredith Morrison Jan Baker Nick Gowen Carrol King Joany Lowry Caleb Baumgardner Mandy Ellis Keller Bethany Meadows Rebecca Cargile Jay Jackson John Michael Byrd Abby Anderson Ben Keller Gregory Deckelman Gary Fults James Wright Andrew LeMay Seth Bradley Susan McGowan

Will you come?