Paul Spencer Praises Growing Support for Medicare For All

Paul Spencer, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement after 17 Senators, led by Bernie Sanders, introduced a billing calling for a Medicare For All program.

Candidate Spencer provided the following statement:

Yesterday, 17 Democratic Senators, led by Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont, unveiled their response to the unsuccessful and unpopular attempts by the Republican Congress to “Repeal and Replace” the Affordable Care Act earlier this summer. 

This courageous act of unity carries immeasurable significance in these cynical times and demonstrates that it is possible to have strong leadership willing to buck the most powerful special interests in Washington. However, we call on all Democrats to stand up for true reform. Special interest pandering and corporate compromises must not be accepted by the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt that has long committed to putting the needs of the American people first.

By co-sponsoring Medicare For All, these bold leaders, along with the majority of Americans who support universally guaranteed coverage, are committing to address the biggest problems our country faces, such as the inaccessible and unaffordable healthcare system that has crippled the citizens of the United States for far too long. This day was truly historic.  

I am proud to say that I have supported the promise of universally guaranteed healthcare to every American through Medicare For All since the first day I announced I was exploring a run for Congress. I am moved to see so many legislators unite and step up to the plate to courageously back Senator Sanders’s plan. 

 Unlike the proposed Republican plans, action such as this would expand coverage to all Americans as a right of their citizenship, not strip it from the most vulnerable. This is not a “government takeover of healthcare” where care providers are federal employees, but rather a humane promise that a single mother can receive the same quality care that the CEO of Wells Fargo receives. Arkansans would be afforded greater choice, as they can forgo “out-of-network restrictions” of the private insurance system and receive the care they need. Medicare For All repairs the way we pay for care while maintaining a system of competition for the very best and affordable care, and it does not the alter the independence of healthcare providers.

I recognize that this is merely the first step in what will be a long struggle. We will need to build this movement on electoral successes we can achieve in 2018 by choosing  representatives that will fight to secure coverage for every American. As we work together to refine the details of a comprehensive solution, I carry with me the confidence that our physicians, nurses, and healthcare providers are more than capable of delivering the best measurable healthcare results ever seen on the global stage. All members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, must muster the political will to give the American people uniform access to their care and monetize a system that rewards exceptional health outcomes over corporate quarterly profits. It is time for America to finally join the rest of the developed world and guarantee healthcare to all of her people as a right of citizenship.