Dr. King's Struggle For Justice Continues Today

"The arc of the universe is long but bends towards justice.” I have always found this line from Dr. King comforting, particularly in uncertain times such as these. The story of humanity's struggle has a recurring refrain. Many members of our society have found themselves in an inexorable struggle for the entirety of their time on earth.

These burdens, though pernicious and all consuming, and often perilous, still have the ability to yield sanctification for the collective soul of humanity. 

Regardless of our personal beliefs on politics, faith, and philosophy, we universally recognize that there are some persons whose names are ubiquitous to humanity's striving for decency and goodness. Dr King is assuredly amongst these. His leadership and advocacy not only influenced the passage of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, but his words and his faith in humanity changed minds. He—as leaders have done before and since—proved that the evil of racism can be defeated through compassion, commitment, and courage.

Mankind should also take time to honor those revered and hallowed names that took up this struggle on our behalf. However, our reverence should also extend to those whose names and contributions to the betterment of humanity will only be realized when we've completed our journey down the long “arc of the universe that bends towards justice.”

Dr. King’s struggle continues today. Today, many are still fighting for justice under the law. The progress Dr. King brought forth and the progress since are guarantees that the fight is fruitful if our convictions are true. 

Together, as sisters and brothers in justice, we will continue this struggle.